Urspring School offers both:
Abitur & Apprenticeship.

Commended as Outstanding in Germany's 2008 Fit for Job School Awards.

At Urspring School, both qualifications can be obtained at virtually the same time. With our "Abitur & Apprenticeship" concept, we enable pupils to complete an apprenticeship in parallel with their grammar school education from Class 8 onwards, with the apprenticeship usually ending six months after the Abitur exams. Our pupils can gain an apprenticeship in carpentry, tailoring or precision engineering.


This allows the following teaching and learning considerations to be addressed:

  • By providing fully qualified training by craftsmen and women in workshops, we offer pupils the opportunity to get to know themselves and to combine their lives and their learning at Urspring in a holistic manner.
  • At the same time, they obtain an insight into entrepreneurial processes and are therefore outstandingly well-equipped for working life.
  • The symbiosis of school and teaching enables pupils to develop and extend their own aptitudes and skills both in theory and in practice.

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