Urspring School unites.

Urspring School and its former pupils often stay in touch for life. That's why we like to offer former Urspring pupils the opportunity to stay in contact at all times. With us and with their former schoolmates.


Kai Dehning,
Alumni Relations, Fundraising Freelance employee

Alturspringbund - Friends of Urspring Association

The Friends of Urspring Association is a registered society based in Schelklingen. The purpose of the Association is to support learning and education, in particular by promoting and disseminating the idealistic goals of the not-for-profit Urspring School Foundation. The Association exclusively and directly pursues charitable purposes.

The objectives of its statutes are realised particularly through the direct and indirect support of Urspring School, and by providing funds raised by the Association and by supporting and maintaining personal contact between former and current Urspring pupils. The annual membership fee currently stands at €45. There is a reduction for members who are still in training, who pay a fee of €10. The first two years of membership are free of charge.

f.l.t.r. Christina Hackenschuh, Raffaela Kreiser, Stefan Böss (Directorate)