Shaping Lifes.

Urspring is a special place…

… which practises individuality and solidarity.
… where each and every one finds and accepts themselves and others.
… where you can discover something new and become a scientist yourself.
… where you can find calmness, tolerance and equity.
… where tradition and innovation coincide.
… where no one gets lost.
… where people laugh, learn and forgive.
… where everyone takes on responsibility – not just for yourself but also for others.
… where school becomes colourful and learning a lifelong process.
… where curiosity is fostered.
… which becomes a second home.

Urspring is a special school.
Video by Samuel Hilbig, Urspring pupil

Urspring is a special place.

Self-education and individual responsibility are inherent in human nature; but in some cases, the individual is not strong enough to act out this nature.
by Prof. Hans Thiersch

Supporting life skills.

In line with the aims of its founders, Dr. Bernhard Hell and Fritz Ehrecke, Urspring School is deeply rooted in German country boarding school tradition and a progressive approach to education. It undertakes to realise its educational duty of uniting life, teaching and learning in a communal setting and in doing so to provide the same support for subject knowledge, a sense of our common humanity and creative strength.

We see ourselves as service providers, supporters and mentors. Our task is to support children and young people in developing their own personal life skills. We understand this to cover the entirety of their cognitive, emotional, methodological and social potential which girls and boys develop between the ages of 8 and 20 so that they are able to shape their present and future lives usefully and actively. We perform this service in the interests of parents as well.

We also see ourselves as a Protestant school community where girls and boys of all denominations are welcome. While study of the Protestant religion is mandatory for all pupils, therefore, it is not about "learning the catechism". We see religion as a component of our culture.

Organisation of Pupils

The girls and boys at Urspring come from a wide variety of regions and countries and for different reasons. We firmly believe in this lively diversity because it constitutes a way of life which promotes shared learning. It also defines one of our characteristics: we are a boarding school for children and young people who enjoy living here.

No-one lives here at Urspring against their will. This is why we believe it is crucial not just for parents but also – and above all – for the children and young people who will spend an impressionable part of their lives here to see Urspring for themselves.

Urspring School is home to some 200 pupils who live and learn here between the ages of 8 and 20 and in class sizes of about 16. Since September 2015, the school has provided an established in-house Institute of Languages for learning the German language and acquiring the appropriate social skills.

Take part in the Erasmus+ Programme with Urspring: "Erasmus+ is the European Union's programme for education, training, youth and sport. Erasmus+ brings together the EU's existing programmes in the fields of lifelong learning, youth and sport as well as its programme of collaboration between European higher education institutions." Source: http://www.erasmusplus.de

Urspring is a special place.

For me, Urspring is my second family, my first great love and the gateway to a new (and bigger) world. An unforgettable time that I wouldn't have missed for the world.
Patrick Horstmann,
a former Urspring pupil who took his Abitur in 2007