Setting the pattern for academic learning.

Urspring School is a state-approved grammar school, and the State of Baden-Württemberg's curricula provide a mandatory framework and objectives for teaching and learning which are supplemented by the school's own specialisms. Our pupils take the centralised university entrance examination (Abitur) for Baden-Württemberg.

Urspring School is a maths and science specialist grammar school, which means that from Class 8 onwards Science and Technology is an additional practical and multi-disciplinary core subject. This provides excellent preparation for Sixth Form, where two of the three natural science disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics are chosen for study at Abitur level and are assessed. Generally one natural science discipline is a core subject in Sixth Form but pupils do not have to sit an examination.

For pupils with a Class 10 qualification, we also offer a 3-year tertiary grammar school (Aufbaugymnasium).

Ten-day timetable
The teaching is spread across ten school days, which provides for a balanced timetable. As a result, each timetable covers two school weeks.

Progression in foreign language learning
First foreign language: English from Class 5.
Second foreign language: French or Latin from Class 6.
Latin qualification obtained after Class 10 (minimum grade is sufficient).

Teaching time
Urspring provides full-time school provision for day pupils. Click here for a typical daily schedule.


PD Dr. Rainer Wetzler,
Director and Headmaster
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Martin Witzel,
Head of Education and Qualifications
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OStR Matthias Walter,
Head of Organisation
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Monika Radermacher,
Head of Curricula and Subjects
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