For parents

Can my child change schools in the middle of the year to attend Urspring School?

Yes, they can change schools at any time. Depending on which school your child is leaving and the class they'd like to change to, it may be necessary for them to take an entrance examination. We will explain how this may or may not affect your child when we first meet you
What is the situation with regard to fees for a place at boarding school?

The fees for a place at boarding school vary only slightly within Germany. The main difference is in the diversity and variety of the provision. Here, we try to offer your child everything that will develop their life skills. Click here for a breakdown of the fees for the current academic year.
How can my child receive a scholarship?

The financial resources which make up the Urspring School Scholarship Fund accrue from the Foundation's income, donations and earmarked grants. It awards partial scholarships where requests are justified in accordance with the Foundation's statutes. The awarding of partial scholarships is subject to the recipient making a special contribution to the school and boarding community. This includes a good academic performance as well as an outstanding commitment to and achievement in the sporting activity or social life of the school. The level of scholarship funds received is based on income and financial circumstances. Scholarships are only awarded for one academic year and are reviewed annually.
What opportunities are there to support Urspring School?

We are always very grateful for endowments, donations and assistance with scholarships. You will be investing in the future of the Foundation and therefore to the continuous improvement in school education and the ongoing personal development of many young people. Click here for more details about opportunities to support the school.

For pupils

How many other pupils will I have to share a room with?

At Urspring School, most rooms are shared by two pupils. In rare exceptional cases, there are also single rooms. Click here for our accommodation arrangements.
Can I get in touch with Urspring pupils before I start attending?

Yes. If you would like to contact other pupils, write to us on the Request Literature page and state your age in the comments section. Someone will then contact you by email and you can decide between yourselves how you would like to continue.
Can I bring my animal with me to Urspring?

Yes, in principle it is possible – but we're talking about small animals, aren't we?! ;-). Talk to us about the animal you would like to bring with you. We'll explain whether it is feasible to accommodate it.
What happens if my grades are not that great in some subjects?

You don't necessarily need them. Together, we'll look at what is particularly important to you and where you are struggling. Then we'll decide with you what kind of support would help you to achieve better academic results and as a result to have more fun with the subject.
Is there a dress code at Urspring School?

We have a very simple dress code: you can wear what you like. But don't worry – there's no competition here at Urspring for who has the trendiest gear. In everyday life at school, we don't stand on formalities. How we get on together and what we do together is much more important at Urspring.


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Director and Headmaster
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