Meals are a communal

Food is a communal event to us. Eating is muchmore than just food intake. Going for a meal comes naturally to all students. We go for a meal and we enjoy it. At Urspring, we practise a routine for all main meals where teams of pupils take turns at serving. On Sundays on integrated weekends, brunch is held from 10:00 to 12:00. Pupils sit at one table in their mentorates (mentoring groups) for brunch.

The evening meal is an open buffet. Pupils can arrive to eat at any time between 18:15 and 18:45. The evening meal ends at 19:00.

Our kitchen staff prepare five meals a day. The varied menu is put together using local organic products and freshly made dishes. In order to satisfy the different tastes, breakfast and evening meal are served buffet-style. A very popular quality time meal is the sunday brunch (every other week).

For lunch, the pupils can help themselves to a varied salad buffet. A dessert is then served – either something sweet or fruit. The main course is brought to the table in bowls. We mainly serve the various components separately so that everyone can help themselves to what they like – which may be no meat, no fish or vegetarian.

A three-course set menu every day. Isn't that great?

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18. - 24. October 2021


Starters and salad buffet Platzhalter: Gericht Montag
Main Dish Platzhalter: Gericht Montag
Vegetarian alternative Platzhalter: Gericht Montag
Dessert  Platzhalter: Gericht Montag


Starters and salad buffet  Platzhalter: Gericht Dienstag
Main Dish Platzhalter: Gericht Dienstag
Vegetarian alternative Platzhalter: Gericht Dienstag
Dessert Platzhalter: Gericht Dienstag


Starters and salad buffet Platzhalter: Gericht Mittwoch
Main Dish Platzhalter: Gericht Mittwoch
Vegetarian alternative Platzhalter: Gericht Mittwoch
Dessert Platzhalter: Gericht Mittwoch


Starters and salad buffet Platzhalter: Gericht Donnerstag
Main Dish Platzhalter: Gericht Donnerstag
Vegetarian alternative Platzhalter: Gericht Donnerstag
Dessert Platzhalter: Gericht Donnerstag


Starters and salad buffet Platzhalter: Gericht Freitag
Main Dish Platzhalter: Gericht Freitag
Vegetarian alternative Platzhalter: Gericht Freitag
Dessert Platzhalter: Gericht Freitag