Urspring All-day School

The Urspring School is a charitable foundation. As an independent school, it receives a partial subsidy from the state of Baden-Württemberg that is calculated solely on the basis of the specific costs for lessons and teaching materials in comparable state-funded schools.


Parental contributions are set as an annual rate for an academic year by the Board of Urspring School. The payment deadline for the academic year is the 31 July of a calendar year in each case, irrespective of the start of the summer holidays or the completion of Abitur examinations. Fees can be paid annually (with a 3% discount) or monthly or quarterly (= every 3 months). When the respective state subsidy is included, these equate to the actual cost of a full academic year. If a number of siblings attend the school at the same time, full fees are payable for one child only while their siblings will receive a 20% discount. An admission fee is payable on signing the schooling and education contract, as well as a deposit which is refunded when the contract ends. 30% of the fees purely for schooling ("excluding the costs for accommodation, care and meals") can be offset as special expenses when declaring tax (subject to changes in legislation). The school can issue a certificate to confirm that this designated proportion of school fees has been paid. This also applies to care costs which the school is allowed to certify for a child of up to 14 years of age.

The financial resources which make up the Urspring School Scholarship Fund accrue from the Foundation's income, donations and earmarked grants. It awards partial scholarships where requests are justified, in accordance with the Foundation's statutes. The awarding of partial scholarships is subject to the recipient making a special contribution to the school and boarding community. This includes a good academic performance as well as an outstanding commitment to and achievement in the sporting activity or social life of the school. The level of scholarship funds received is based on parental income and their financial circumstances. Scholarships are only awarded for one academic year and are reviewed annually.


Pupils may attend the primary school, grammar school and tertiary grammar school as "external pupils", as "Urspring profile pupils" or as "boarders".
The parental contribution for external pupils covers only the costs of lessons in the type and scope as found in regular state schools.
By contrast, the optional Urspring profile pupil parental contribution also covers – in addition to the costs of lessons outlined above – the costs of a snack during break, lunch and an afternoon snack, the costs of full-day education including the lunchtime program and the extracurricular activities, along with the costs for vocational and sports profiling. Only the similarly optional offer of "Abitur plus Apprenticeship" is not included in this.

The optional parental contribution for boarders, in addition to the benefits for Urspring day pupils, also covers the costs of breakfast and dinner, for care at the weekends and, of course, for accommodation and care day and night.

External pupils

Parental contribution for lessons in the type and scope as found in regular state schools.
monthly rate quarterly rate annual rate
Primary School (Class 3 - 4) € 115.52 € 346.56 € 1,386.24
Grammar School (Class 5 - 12) € 115.52 € 346.56 € 1,386.24
Tertiary Grammar School
(Class 11 - 13)
€ 115.52 € 346.56 € 1,386.24

Day pupils

Parental contribution for lessons, meals, full-day schooling and Urspring profile.
monthly rate quarterly rate annual rate
Primary School (Class 3 - 4) € 555.00 € 1,665.00 € 6,660.00
Grammar School (Class 5 - 7) € 555.00 € 1,665.00 € 6,660.00
Grammar School (Class 8 - 12) € 785.00 € 2,355.00 € 9,420.00
If applicable apprenticeship surcharge € 155.00 € 465.00 € 1,860.00
Tertiary Grammar School
(Class 11 - 13)
€ 785.00 € 2,355.00 € 9,420.00
Please consider the information sheets as the basis of contract.