Daily life at Urspring School.

Weekdays are tightly structured: getting up, breakfast, lessons, break times, sport/workshop sessions and going to bed. But don't worry! Everyone still has plenty of free time for planned and spontaneous activities.

Boarding school


7.00 Rise
7.20 First breakfast in refectory
07.40 Lessons according to timetable
09.05 Second breakfast in refectory
09.30 Lessons according to timetable


12.30 First sitting for lunch (Classes 3-9) or 13.15 Second sitting for lunch (Classes 10-12)
13.15 Lessons according to timetable oder 13.55 Lessons according to timetable


15.20 Afternoon snack
15.45 Workshop learning or Sixth form instruction
or Free time, extracurricular activities and sports clubs


18.15 Evening meal
19.00 Study time, free time, extracurricular activities and sports clubs
20.30 Close of day for lower school
21.30 Close of day for middle school
22.00 Close of day for upper school

Close of day.

Urspring has a rule governing what many parents would like to do but can't always manage: in the evenings, our young people come together once again with their mentors to talk about the events of the day. Sometimes, this results in one-to-one chats about a piece of work that has been missed or about quite personal problems that the individual pupil doesn't want to have to sleep on. In each case, this is an important point in the day at Urspring – perhaps the most important. The close of day can take many forms. It might be a discussion, sitting in a large circle or in a small group, or a one-to-one conversation. Everyday issues are discussed, such as tidying up rooms and getting on with each other in the group, or it might be when plans for an integrated weekend are worked out.