Internat Urspring: Leben und Lernen.

Boarding at Urspring.

Our pupils live in manageable groups and have plenty of opportunities to meet up and use their free time for stimulating activities. This is also the basis for the arrangements for accommodation, supervision, homework and leisure activities. And we are pleased to be able to provide a suitable environment for this approach.

Boarding Officer with photo gallery.

Internatsleiter Daniel Leichtner
Daniel Leichtner,
Head of Boarding.
Leben und Arbeiten im Internat Urspring
Schule und Freizeit im Internat Urspring
Also living at the boarding school with the girls and boys are 16 mentors, some with their own families. The mentors always live in their own self-contained apartments. They are responsible for their particular group and at the same time are the first point of reference for any personal or other issues associated with life at Urspring. The mentors are also a direct point of contact for parents. Most mentors also work as teachers as part of our concept of teaching and learning. This system results in a high degree of familiarity between pupils and mentors, since the children are not supervised by several individuals on a shift system but in normal circumstances are always able to speak to the same person about any problems they may have. In return, this minimal distance has a positive impact in day-to-day lessons, since the pupils not only have a subject teacher standing in front of them in the classroom but a person with whom they have much in common from their boarding experience. To ensure that this closeness between mentor and pupil remains professional at all times, we have structures in place to maintain an essential professional distance. All staff at Urspring have pledged to adhere to a code of values which has been specifically drawn up and approved for this purpose.

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Urspring is a special place.

» For me, Urspring is a place where children can find their roots and inspiration for life along the way. «
Daniel Leichtner,
Head of Boarding.
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