Urspring Basketball Academy.

Education and promotion of sports of the highest calibre provided by qualified teachers. The huge success of the academy demonstrates that the two make a great combination. Since the SmartBall programme was introduced in 1998, Urspring School has shown that it is entirely possible to combine good vocational training with peak performance in sport. All the pupils who have played basketball at Urspring and gone on to Sixth Form have also been successful in their Abitur examinations as well. As well as taking the conventional route into professional sport, many have obtained full scholarships at American universities, where they can combine their studies and competitive sport to the highest standard in SmartBall style.


Nico Drmota,
Head of Basketball Academy

Basketball at Urspring – the brand.

Urspring combines the internationally successful sports concepts – High School/University/College (USA model) and the Club/Association system (European model), making Urspring Basketball a unique project in the German sports world, and thus a model project with unique characteristics. 
Since its foundation in 1998, the Urspring Basketball Academy has been the most successful youth programme in Germany. It is the record-holding champion in the junior basketball league (Nachwuchsbasketball Bundesliga, NBBL) and multiple winner of the national schools' competition "Youth in training for the Olympics" (JtfO). Since the U19s National League was established in 2006, Team Urspring has won the championships in five of the first seven years and has finished in the top 4 a total of eight times. Since 1999, Urspring School has reached the national finals in Berlin eleven times as champions of Baden-Württemberg, winning six titles and coming second three times. 
In club basketball, Urspring has now become a brand name and an exemplary project for successful youth work. Our success in youth work is not just evident from the championships we have won; the training and personal development of the players are at the forefront at Urspring.

Urspring in Division 2 of the National Basketball League.

Ehingen Urspring has been playing in Germany's second division since 2003. Year on year, the youngest team in the professional league has proved to be a formidable opponent. Urspring's youngsters exploit the platform provided by their Division 2 appearances to seek recruitment to a Division 1 club or obtain a college scholarship. Ehingen Urspring is the only club with a new talent strategy at this level.

Urspring pupils turn out for Germany.

In 1998 Michael Spöcker was the first Urspring pupil to pull on a Germany kit. Since then, over forty other national youth players have been produced by the academy. In 2009, Lucca Staiger managed to make it into Germany's first team and was impressive in the European and world championships.

Urspring international.

Germany alone is not the benchmark – this is set by top new talent at the international level. To this end, the players and the team need to have an opportunity to take part in the best tournaments in the world. It's a comparison that Urspring need not fear, as success in various tournaments in China, the US and Europe has demonstrated so impressively. The school's international collaborations also provide for quality basketball placements abroad in China and the US, which pupils take up during their time at the school.

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