Promotion of musical talents at Urspring.

Our pupils are encouraged to develop their musical talents both inside and outside the classroom. All Class 3-8 pupils attend School Choir regularly. Learning to play an instrument is mandatory for pupils in Class 5. There is also an opportunity to take private music lessons. The School Choir and School Orchestra perform challenging pieces of music on special occasions under the leadership of Achill Stein. The range covers cantatas from Bach's Christmas Oratorio and excerpts from Mozart's Requiem through to children's musicals and original settings.

Music is even encouraged at the pottery workshop. Above all, this is one of the most popular workshops among younger pupils. The girls and boys learn how to handle clay as a material in a fun manner under instruction from master potter, Jürgen Metzger. They are free to express their own creativity, and this experience often enriches their learning later on in art lessons.


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