Urspring: Preparing the pattern for learning.

Urspring is a state-approved primary school. Teaching is based on the current Baden-Württemberg curriculum for primary-level pupils and on the holistic approach. Our education allows children to develop their personalities so that ultimately they could grow up to become mature and independent adults.

At Urspring, our Class 3 and 4 pupils are taught together. The benefits of this are obvious, as the individual level of development of a child cannot be automatically fixed to a particular form or grade. Although a child might be ahead in one area, they might still need help in another. Our teaching consists of a combination of learning which is imparted to the pupils and learning for which the pupils themselves take responsibility. It covers a multitude of learning methods, such as workshop-based work and open teaching to a weekly plan. Pupils work individually, in groups and with partners and they undertake project work.


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