Urspring offers a tertiary grammar school.

Urspring offers a 3-year tertiary grammar school model (Aufbaugymnasium). As with vocational grammar schools, any Class 10 pupil can apply (if they have the intermediate level qualification 'Realschulabschluss' or 'Gymnasium mit Oberstufenberechtigung', or a corresponding qualification from an interdenominational school). Unlike a vocational grammar school, however, pupils do not need to decide on a particular vocational orientation – a decision that is often difficult for many 15-/16-year-olds.

Urspring Grammar School Officers and photo gallery.

PD Dr. Rainer Wetzler,
Director and Headmaster
Inge Banholzer,
Grammar School Officer
Monika Radermacher,
Grammar School Officer

Entrance requirements.

  • Average grade in German, Mathematics and English of at least 3.0, and minimum grade in each of these subjects of 4.0 ("sufficient").
  • For pupils attending a general education grammar school (Allgemeinbildendes Gymnasium), the end-of-year report at the end of Class 10 serves simultaneously as the "entry ticket" for the tertiary grammar school.
  • Waldorf school pupils and pupils from abroad can attend the tertiary grammar school if they pass an entrance examination.

Entry Class 11.

In view of the possible differences in school pathways, in Class 11 the initial emphasis is on gradually harmonising the basis for the learning. Individual offers of support in Mathematics and English and in the second foreign language ensure that method-based, content-based and subject-specific fundamentals can be consolidated and supplemented. School-specific elements can be taken into account (e.g. apprenticeship, basketball).
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