Urspring: Setting the pattern for learning.
And more.

Dr. Rainer Wetzler,
Director and Headmaster
The former Urspring Monastery is a place of communal life and learning for approx. 200 pupils in the quiet and relaxed atmosphere of a historic location. More than half of the pupils are boarders and they come from all over the world. The girls and boys learn everything here that they need to qualify for entry to university in Baden-Württemberg (Abitur) and a great deal more besides.

We regard it as our task and our mission to support and help them to acquire a sound perspective, self-confidence and life skills.
Urspring wants you!
Grammar School/ Boarding School Teacher (m/f/d) gymnastic instruction for boys

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Urspring School offers:

Urspring: Setting the pattern for learning.

And more:

Urspring is a special place.

» I'm grateful to have found such a terrific second home for my children. Urspring was the right choice. «
Mr. Stock,
father of two Urspring pupils.

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